Testing macOS Catalina Kerberos SSO Extension Over VPN

Enabling the off-network Kerberos Single Sign-On Experience.

Working at VMware, I’m surrounded by great technology and super-smart folks! In our portfolio of technologies, the folks in our R&D have recently been putting quite a bit of effort into building out macOS capabilities for our Workspace ONE Tunnel client for macOS. Workspace ONE admins can leverage the same VMware technology they used to enable per-app VPN for iOS and Android, but now on macOS! There’s a bit of nuance to configuring the VPN client if you’re previously familiar with iOS (look for my Operational Tutorial soon to hit TechZone). [Read More]
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Welcome to Hugo (from Jekyll)

Welcome to my wholly reworked website! This time, I’ve dropped the complexity of Wordpress and opted for something significantly simpler: Jekyll Hugo and GitHub. Having now hosted the site in GitHub Pages, here was the process I started with Hugo: Created the Github Pages repo (rterakedis.github.io) – this is where github pages looks for the blog’s generated site files. Created a 2nd Github repo: rterakedis.github.io.hugo – this repo holds the source files for Hugo to parse and generate the site. [Read More]